I briefly experimented with the podcast format several years ago, but the time involved with writing, recording, and editing proved to be too much for my lazy self to handle (plus, I was loading up on classes to get my degree). For your amusement and/or derision, I present my complete library of podcasts (Each link is a direct link to the mp3 file):

Air Force News RoundupA very short (and final) series of podcasts that I knocked out in 2005. They feature the Soviet Air Force song, a lame vocal trick to mask my real voice, and my take on the week’s AF news. :

  1. AF News Roundup 20050418: My Galaxy, My Ecstasy, Oh My
  2. AF News Roundup 20050423: Pope-pourri and Religious Infiltrators
  3. AF News Roundup 20050501: Jesus and the Terrorist Burrito
  4. AF News Roundup 20050513: Welcome to Medieval Times!

Stryker’s Star Wars Geekout–A second attempt at the podcast format in 2005, this time with a focus on a single subject and questionable use of copyrighted material. I thought I was being fairly experimental with the format, but it’s pretty meandering and awkward at times:

  1. Stryker’s Star Wars Geekout I – 20050307
  2. Stryker’s Star Wars Geekout II – 20050329
  3. Stryker’s Star Wars Geekout III – 20050414

Sgt. Stryker’s Daily BriefingMy very first podcast and it shows. These two podcasts basically feature me rambling on about nothing in particular. The title references a poorly-written, personally embarrassing blog I did from 2001-2004 (before handing it off to a good group of folks who turned it into NCO Brief).

  1. Sgt. Stryker’s Daily Briefing 1
  2. Sgt. Stryker’s Daily Briefing 2

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  1. Wow, you created AFNR? And there are only four episodes?
    I just retired from Robins AFB, GA, as a civilian, and back in the day, your podcasts got a pretty good audience response in my office.
    I had figured you was some bored Airman, blowing off steam, or just trying for an early out.
    Great work, anyway. BTW, did you do any ensemble work? I was sure there was some other nerdy satirical podcasts going out around that time, or a little earlier, that also featured your “squeaky” voice and crazy humor.

    1. Yeah, that was me. I’m glad you enjoyed them — they turned out to be a lot more work than I intended so I couldn’t keep them going.
      I never collaborated on any other podcasts, so someone must’ve been stealing my schtick!